Listening Sessions for Stormwater Vegetation Management Plan

Interested in stormwater and vegetation? What about native ecosystems within ponds and greenways?

Please spread the word and join the Stormwater Utility for a public listening session as part of development of the Stormwater Vegetation Management Plan. There are three opportunities to attend these listening sessions, with two in-person listening sessions and one online listening session.  

These listening sessions are intended to solicit feedback on big picture questions regarding vegetation goals and maintenance on existing stormwater utility land. These sessions will be interactive, with live polling on big picture questions, image mapping, and opportunities to identify what is working well, in addition to hearing any concerns you might have.

Note: We will not discuss plans for specific projects at this meeting, but rather focus on big picture vegetation goals. Individual projects related to reconstruction that include vegetation changes have separate public information meetings and engagement processes outside of this plan for maintenance of existing vegetation.

This flyer includes all the information: Stormwater flyer