Recent News & Events

November 18th Westside Community Conversation

Alder Christian Albouras and Westside Alders Barbara Harrington-McKinney, Paul Skidmore, and Zachary Henak invite you to a Westside Community Conversation about traffic enforcement and safety to be held via Zoom.

WGHA Covenants Amendment

The Walnut Grove Covenants update is almost complete! In our Summer 2020 News In A Nutshell, we detailed the work of the WGHA Board to take input and changes from neighbors about how our neighborhood wanted to modernize our governing documents.

Thursday, November 5th: Walnut Grove/Tamarack Safety Meeting

Following the unfortunate events at Wexford Ridge this past Saturday, the MPD and Alderman Skidmore are hosting a safety meeting specifically for residents of Walnut Grove and Tamarack. We urge any interested neighbors to attend to be able to hear information first hand from Captain Patton and have an opportunity

Buckthorn Treatment Underway

Buckthorn treatment is underway in our Greenways.  On 10/31, Buckthorn removal took place on the Northern portion of Greenway D (Oxwood, Rye, Foxboro vicinity). This work included painting the tops of freshly cut stumps

Neighborhood Maps & Images

greenwaysmap WGHA Plot Map Walnut Grove Park Greenway Paths Greenway Light Post