Recent News & Events

2021 Dues

Dues notices are going out soon! As a member of the Walnut Grove Community, a general annual fee is assessed to all single family and duplex & condo lots in the Walnut Grove neighborhood. The fees are used to defray the costs of maintaining property deeded to WGHA – the Greenways. 

District 9 Alder Candidate Forum

Tamarack Trails has graciously invited Walnut Grove to attend a District 9 Alder Candidate Forum Wednesday, February 3rd at 5pm via Zoom. All four candidates will be participating and questions will focus on issues that pertain specially to our area neighborhoods. If you have any specific concerns you’d like addressed,

It’s Passed! Amendment to the Covenants

It’s been just over a year since the Board began its review of our current covenants, and we are pleased to announce that we’ve overwhelmingly passed the 2020 amendment to the covenants! 233 households have signed on so far to approve the new amendment to the covenants, and we have over

Community Meeting Jan. 18th at 6pm

A public meeting has just been scheduled for this Monday, January 18th, at 6pm regarding the new liquor license application for a proposed Hy-Vee Wine & Spirits on Mineral Point Road.

Neighborhood Maps & Images

greenwaysmap WGHA Plot Map Walnut Grove Park Greenway Paths Greenway Light Post