Our neighborhood owned Greenways are one of the most unique features of Walnut Grove. These ~6.7 acres, including just over a mile of paved paths, provide a pleasant sense of open space and add value and desirability to our neighborhood.

The Greenways Committee is responsible for overseeing mowing, tree maintenance, path maintenance and lighting along the four greenways. Please contact the Greenways Chair to report any concerns including lighting outages. When reporting a concern, please include the Greenway description (A,B,C or D) and the nearest light post number or home address.

If you would like more information, or are interested in helping keep the greenways safe and beautiful, contact Hayden McCann and Charlie Morgan.

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Resources are available to homeowners to maintain the 14 circles in our neighborhood. The Greenways Committee is responsible for large tree removal and replacements within the Circles. Homeowners are responsible for Circle mowing, weeding, and general maintenance. Each Block Captain is available to assist in coordination of maintenance for each Circle.

Every year, one $50 reimbursement is available for each Circle for maintenance. This reimbursement should be coordinated through your Block Captain and emailed to blockcaptains@walnutgrovemadison.org.

$500 Circle Grants are available on a rotating basis to allow for larger Circle maintenance projects. These grants must be approved by the Board. A plan detailing improvements and associated costs should be sent to the Block Captains Chair for presentation at an upcoming Board Meeting. Budget dependent, up to three grants may be approved each year. These will be granted on a rotating basis, with criteria for approval determined by the Board.


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