Covenants & Architectural Control

The Walnut Grove Homes Association (WGHA) is charged with enforcing the Walnut Grove Covenants and Architectural Control Rules & Procedures which provide rules and guidelines for all Lots in our neighborhood.
The Summary of the ACC Rules & Procedures and appropriate Appendix below should be reviewed prior to submitting an Application Form to the Architectural Control Committee for approval for changes or additions to the exterior of your Residence. We also encourage you to contact the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) Chair during your initial planning process (prior to submitting the application).


Bylaws & Dues

The neighborhood has a set of regulations for Walnut Grove members. This includes an overview of the Board of Directors, Annual Meetings, and Annual Dues and Special Assessments. This information can all be found in detail in our By-Laws.
For the 2023 year, annual dues were set at $170 for individual houses and $85 for condos. If not paid by the March 2023 deadline, a $10 late fee is added. These dues cover the operating expenses for our neighborhood greenways, socials, and communications.

Summary of Covenants and Deed Restrictions

Although the covenants vary by addition to the Walnut Grove neighborhood, they contain many similar conditions. Consult the specific covenant and deed restriction associated with your property for specifics.
  1. Fencing
    Fencing 3′ in height and lower is permitted. It should match the aesthetic design of the home. No fence over 3′ shall be erected on any part of any lot without prior written approval from the Architectural Control Committee! Primarily, approval will only be granted for fences surrounding swimming pools per city ordinance and for lots with backyards adjacent to multi-family housing or non-residential buildings. Lots adjacent to neighborhood greenways will not be approved for fencing. We encourage the use of invisible fences for pet owners.
  2. Parking
    Parking of service vehicles owned or operated by any owner is prohibited unless kept in garages. Long-term parking of boats, trailers, mobile homes, campers, and other recreational vehicles is prohibited unless kept inside garages. Temporary storage for loading or unloading is permitted.
  3. Pets
    Only two domestic animals may be kept on any lot and must be housed within the principal structure. Animal boarding, kenneling, day-care services or health treatment is expressly prohibited.
  4. Landscaping
    The complete visual screening of any front, rear or side boundaries of Lots using trees, bushes or other plant life is prohibited in all of Walnut Grove. Grass on lawns shall be regularly cut. Lawns and landscaping shall be maintained and kept free of noxious weeds.
  5. Buildings
    Accessory buildings are expressly prohibited (this includes dog houses and kennels). The Architectural Control Committee has approval authority for any exceptions (such as gazebos).
  6. Residence Restrictions
    No trailer, basement, tent, shack, garage, barn or outbuilding shall be used as a residence, temporarily or permanently.
  7. Assessments
    All single family and duplex lots are subject to a general annual assessment. Special assessments may be issued to cover any portion of expenses incidental to the enforcement of covenants and restrictions.
  8. Modifications
    Any proposed changes to the exterior of a home (other than standard maintenance) must be approved by the Architectural Control Committee. This includes, but is not limited to, proposed additions, changes to elevation, alterations to exterior materials, solar panels, and fences of over 3′ feet in height. No approval is required for fences 3′ and under, swing sets, or replacement of exterior components with the same material as currently used.

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