Covenants Amendment: Your Signature Needed

After a year long process including research, neighborhood information sessions and input survey, and a legal review, it is finally time to sign the Amendment to the Covenants!  

Our key goals of the Covenants Amendment, as originally proposed at our January 2020 Annual Meeting, are:

  • Adjust the dues cap to keep the neighborhood financially stable ($150 indexed cap based on survey majority)
  • Promote transparency by requiring budget information be shared prior to the annual meeting
  • Modernize to clearly allow for digital communication
  • Unite all 8 additions of Walnut Grove with one clear, consistent update

You can sign the Amendment to the Covenants by using any of the following methods:

  1. DocuSign: Look out for the link in your inbox and follow the DocuSign prompts.
  2. Download the Owner Signature Sheet and
    1. Fill out and sign digitally (using whatever software is available to you, ex. Adobe), and email it back to
    2. Print and fill out by hand. Return by scanning and emailing to
    3. Print and fill out by hand. Return by mailing or hand delivering to Liz Fenster, President WGHA, 33 Southwick Circle
  3. Need a paper copy? Please contact Liz Fenster by email at or phone (609) 440-5673 and we will drop off a paper copy. 


  1. At least one owner must sign for each lot/address. Multiple owners are welcome to sign, but not required. The owner(s) who sign must be listed on the deed to the property.
  2. You must fill out your name(s) and address. If you do not know your Lot Number or Plat, you may either leave it blank to allow a WGHA Board Member to complete OR you can use this handy Address Lot Lookup.
  3. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. We are happy to explain any discussion or reasoning behind any change. For reference, please see this page for thorough documentation recorded throughout this process. 
  4. Please return your signed Owner Signature Sheet by Friday, December 11th. 

The full finalized Amendment (less signature pages) can be found here