Democracy in the Park in Walnut Grove

This year, City of Madison poll workers are coming to us! From 9am to 3pm on Saturday, September 25th, City of Madison poll workers will be in every City park (including Walnut Grove Park) accepting delivery of absentee ballots, registering voters, and answering questions about voting.

Poll workers will be wearing bright yellow vests and can be found by one of the Vote yard signs you are used to seeing at your polling place.  The poll workers will be wearing face masks, disinfecting pens and clipboards after each use, and frequently sanitizing their hands.

At the end of the event, absentee envelopes will be secured with a tamper-evident seal.  Poll workers will document the seal number and the number of absentee ballots.  They will immediately take the ballots to the City Clerk’s Office, where both the seal number and the number of absentee ballots will be verified.  The Clerk’s Office will scan the barcode on each returned absentee envelope the following day, so voters will be able to check on Monday to verify that their ballot is ready to be counted at the polls.

In the case of inclement weather, the event will be held on Sunday instead.

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