Greenway Volunteer Workdays

Come Volunteer to improve our Greenways! It’s a great way to meet neighbors, get fresh air and exercise, learn interesting facts about the Greenways and their plants and trees, and meet one of our Master Gardeners!

Volunteer Workdays are scheduled for the second Saturday of each month May-September from 9:30 am-11:30 am. Participation in any portion of these dates is welcome. The rain date is the following Saturday. Email Hayden McCann at for meeting locations, or check our calendar of events for the most current information. A map of the greenways is available in your directory and here.

Volunteer Workdays will focus on remediation and removal of invasive plants and species which generally become apparent in wooded areas as the growing season progresses. The initial work will focus on removal of garlic mustard. Other focuses are Dames Rocket, Burdock, Buckthorn and Woodbine aka Virginia Creeper. Each of these has the potential to over grow desirable forest growth. There will be an additional volunteer effort for removal of Garlic Mustard from the Walnut Grove Park. The date for the park effort will be posted on signs placed in the terrace adjacent to the park. WGHA Volunteer Workdays provide for participation in informal learning and greenway maintenance that is above and beyond paid services.

Can’t get enough of the Greenways? Join our Greenways Volunteer Subcommittee! The subcommittee meetings, open to all Walnut Grove homeowners, will be held at Walnut Grove Park at 7 pm either near the Walnut Grove Park sign or in the Shelter depending on weather. 2022 meeting dates are May 10th, July 12th & September 13th.