The 2022 Annual Meeting is approaching, and we have information to share with you on registering for the meeting itself, designating a proxy vote, neighbors who are running to join the Board, and the proposed WGHA Budget for 2022.

As a reminder, the Annual Meeting will be held January 26th at 7:00 p.m. Please begin to join the Zoom as early as 6:45pm to help facilitate attendance and entry.
If you would like to review the draft minutes from the 2021 Annual Meeting, you can find them here on the Walnut Grove website.
Joining the meeting
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s annual meeting will be held via Zoom. In order to join the meeting, you will need to register with your name, address, and email in the link that was sent out to neighbors via email on January 9th. After you register, you will receive an individualized link that you will use to join the Annual Meeting. Do not share the registration link or your individual link. We will be using the registration information to ensure that we know who is joining the meeting and voting. As a reminder, voting at the annual meeting is limited to one person per household. If you no longer have the email with the registration link, please email and it will be sent to you.
Voting by proxy
If you are not able to attend the meeting, you are able to assign a proxy vote to the Board or to another Walnut Grove neighbor. In order to assign a proxy vote, please send an email to with your name, your address, and your designee (either the Board or another Walnut Grove resident). Please copy your proxy on the email so that we can be sure they are aware you have asked them to attend on your behalf. Here are two examples:
I, Jane Doe of 12 Grove St, designate the WGHA Board as my proxy for the 2022 Annual Meeting.
I, Jane Doe of 12 Grove St, designate John Smith of 20 Grove St as my proxy for the 2022 Annual Meeting.
If you would prefer not to use email, please return a proxy sheet to the Board before the beginning of the 2022 Annual Meeting. Proxy sheets can be dropped off with Board President Liz Fenster at 33 Southwick Circle. You can download the proxy sheet here on the Walnut Grove website.
2022 Budget Approval
The draft 2022 Annual Budget for Walnut Grove is available here on the Walnut Grove website. A brief presentation on this budget will be given by our Treasurer, Charlie Morgan, at the Annual Meeting. If you have any questions ahead of the meeting, please reach out to Charlie at:
Candidates for the Board
One of the key functions of our Annual Meeting is to elect new members to the WGHA Board. This year, 5 positions will be up for election. The candidates for election are:
Kim Grimmer, 7302 Whitacre Road
Charlie Morgan, 10 Colony Circle
Molly & Doug Hyant, 10 Oxwood Circle
Eileen Goode, 21 Southwick Circle
Nick Brown, 7306 Whitacre Road
*If you would like to stand for election, please email to state your intention. You will be added to the ballot presented at the annual meeting. Please see desired expertise below.