Walnut Grove Playground Replacement Meeting

The second/final meeting to vote on the specific equipment to be installed at the park is scheduled for Thursday, December 13th at 6:00pm at Glenn Stephens Elementary School (library). At this meeting, all items discussed will be specific to Walnut Grove Park.  We will begin the session with a brief recap of the decisions made at the first/workshop session and then review the proposals that have been put together by the neighborhood’s preferred equipment manufacturer (Playworld Systems received the most votes at the Walnut Grove Park table) culminating with a vote by attendees on their preferred equipment.

Please plan to attend to cast your vote for the new equipment at the park!

Parks has been informed that a poll is currently underway on Next Door by way of determining surfacing preference at the park – any updates that can be provided on the status of that poll would be much appreciated!  There will be an opportunity at this 2nd session to look at each of the surfacing options and discuss pros/cons by way of assisting in decision-making if that is of interest to the neighborhood.

All attendees from the first meeting who provided an email and/or contact phone number have been contacted directly and a sign announcing this second meeting has been placed in the park. Notice will be made to Parks’ social media and Parks Projects website – which for Walnut Grove Park is located at:




Kathleen Kane, PLA CPSI

Landscape Architect

(608) 261-9671

(608) 267-1162 fax