WGHA Halloween Scavenger Haunt

Walnut Grove Neighborhood 2020 Scavenger Haunt Bingo and Halloween Art Event!

Q:  Why don’t mummies take vacations?
A:  They’re afraid to unwind!

The Walnut Grove Homes Association is sponsoring a scavenger haunt and art activity during the week of Halloween! 

DECORATE Be especially creative and “over-the-top” this year in decorating your home with Jack-o-lanterns, orange lights, window displays, corn stalks, skeletons — all fun and scary stuff. 

ACTIVITIES Families can participate in two ways. 

Scavenger Haunt Bingo Print a H-A-U-N-T bingo-card from the WGHA website (available here). These cards will have a five by five grid with an array of Halloween things like “smiling pumpkin” or “ghost.” Roam the neighborhood the week leading up to Halloween to try to find enough items to complete a row or column on the card! Record the street name (not the house number) where you found each item. Scream “HAUNT” once you complete a card!  If you don’t have a printer, let us know and we’ll deliver a card to you.

Halloween Art Draw, color, or paint an original work of Halloween art, or help carve a Jack-o-lantern.  Take a photo of your spooky creation.  

Email your completed H-A-U-N-T bingo cards and photos of artwork and Jack-o-lanterns to social@walnutgrovemadison.org by Sunday night, November 1 to be entered into a drawing for a gift card to the Fugal Muse bookstore. Make sure your child’s name, age, and address is clearly marked on each entry. Your Halloween masterpieces may be featured on the WGHA website and social media page. 

Questions?  Contact Charlie Morgan, Social Chair, WGHA Board Member, at social@walnutgrovemadison.org.