2020 Annual Meeting

Save the date for the 2020 WGHA Annual Meeting scheduled for Sunday, January 26th from 1-3pm. 

This year we will discuss plans related to raising the annual dues cap. We also need FOUR additional board members for 2020. Please contact any current board member directly or walnutgrovemadison@gmail.com to volunteer. 

Stark Company Realtors
702 N High Point Rd
Madison, WI 53717

Continuing Board Members (2019-2021 term): Liz Fenster, Birgitta Larson-Gamez, Hayden McCann, Pam Conrad
Board Members Running for Reelection for the 2020-2022 Term: Davie Phillips, Doug & Molly Hyant
New Board Members up for election: Jeff Vanderpool, Eileen Goode, Charlie Morgan, and Nicole O’Connell

Retiring Board Members: Katherine Bidwell, Susan Ames, Elizabeth Albano, and Kathy McComb. We thank them all for their service to the neighborhood!