Call for Members to Stand for Election

Please mark your calendars for the 2023 Annual Meeting of Homeowners to be via by Zoom on Wednesday, January 25, 2023, at 7:00 p.m. Why Zoom instead of in-person? We have experienced far better attendance over the last two years when meeting by Zoom rather than pre-pandemic in-person meetings. Parents of young children have expressed appreciation for doing the meeting by Zoom. It saves having to locate and set up a meeting area. Finally, Covid is still a modest threat.

At this meeting the Board will review events and accomplishments of 2022, expected events, challenges and goals for 2023, and present a proposed annual budget that will set the 2023 assessments for households in Walnut Grove. The meeting will also elect 2023 board members.

The Fall Newsletter delivered via email on October 7th (and via paper copies to those without email on October 10th) constituted the Initial Notice of Annual Meeting and Request for Members to stand for Election under article 4.9(a) of the WGHA’s By-laws

Please consider running for the Board!

One of the purposes of the annual meeting on Wednesday, January 25, 2023 will be to elect four directors to serve a two year term. WGHA’s By-laws provide for a Board of nine homeowners, and currently, due to a resignation, the Board is down to eight directors. Terms of directors are two years, with roughly half the Board subject to election or re-election each calendar year.

The Board will benefit from fresh talent, ideas and perspectives. Please consider tossing your hat into the ring for this next year’s election.
Three of the current directors whose terms are expiring in January 2023 have announced their intention to re-run for election to the Board. They are Danielle Bashirullah, Hayden McCann and Liz Fenster.

So how much of a time demand comes with serving on the Board? Not very substantial. The current Board shifted from monthly meetings to bi-monthly meetings in 2021. The Board is also committed to having these bi-monthly meetings last an hour and a half or less. Throw in a modest amount of time to read and respond to the occasional email, and the time demands are really quite minimal. Any of the existing directors will be more than happy to discuss with you what service on the Board entails.

Have a strong position on the maintenance of the Greenways? Want to have direct input into the construction of the Annual Budget which serves to set your assessment? Have a unique skill set that might improve the operation of the Board or benefit the entire neighborhood? Then please consider running for the Board. Simply let any of the Board Members know of your desire to run for election to the Board by October 21, 2022. Email to officially put your name on the ballot or with any questions.