Holiday safety tips

Check out these holiday safety tips:

???? Lock up vehicles and homes. Keep garage doors closed.

???? Leave outside lights on at night. Keep some lights on inside the home to give appearance someone is home.

???? Request signature confirmation for deliveries or leave with a trusted neighbor.

???? If you have a live tree, ensure tree is adequately watered, and lights do not have any exposed wires or breaks.

???? Don’t advertise your new holidays purchases in your trash / recycling. Break down boxes of expensive items as to not “give away” gifts your family received.

???? Be careful about what you post on social media. If you decide that share your gifts, don’t tag your location.

✈️ Ask a trusted neighbor to check on your home if traveling for the holidays. Wait until you return to post vacation pics to social media.

⛄️ Don’t run extension cords for decorations through windows or garage doors. This could provide thieves potential access to your home.

???? Be careful when talking to people stopping at your door. Criminals may try to pose as delivery people or someone looking for charitable donations. Don’t let anyone you don’t know into your home.

☎️ Be aware of phone scams. Don’t give out personal information. Hang up immediately. Common phone scams include IRS scam (asking you for your social security number), Jury Duty scam (someone stating you didn’t report for Jury Duty), Microsoft scam (someone calling from “Tech Support” asking to log into your computer), Government Grant scam (asking you to pay a processing fee, or asking for your checking account number).