Looking to spruce up your resume? Want to be more active in the Walnut Grove community?

The Walnut Grove Neighborhood Association is here for you!
We are looking for Walnut Grove (WG) community members to join the WG board! 

If you have a few hours a month, join our fun, diverse team, with the goal of making a difference in the Walnut Grove Community!

We are currently recruiting for a Communication Board Member who would be great with Social Media, organize quarterly newsletters, and distribution of general communication to the Walnut Grove neighborhood.

All ages and skill levels welcomed to apply!

Please message me if you are interested, or if you would like to recommend someone. 

Skills you could add to your resume if you are interested:

???? demonstrated commitment to the betterment of the community 

????work well with others and respect others’ opinions 

????attentive listening skills to address others’ needs and concerns 

????communicate ideas and concerns effectively and professionally 

????follow-through on commitments

Thank you, and the WG board members look forward to working with our new Communications board!