Street Resurfacing Project

As many of you already know, Spring is here and in Wisconsin Spring=Construction! We’ve had some questions from neighbors regarding the current resurfacing work being completed by the city. Here are some answers!

Current projects affect multiple streets and circles in the Walnut Grove neighborhood, including, but not limited to N Westfield, Walnut Grove, Farmington and Rye Circle.

  • Resurfacing of Streets
  • Curb + Gutter Replacement
  • Apron Replacement

The resurfacing of streets is 100% covered by the city. Curb + Gutter Replacements and Driveway Apron Replacements are a shared cost between the City of Madison and the resident. If you are being impacted, you should have already received a special assessment.

How does this affect where you park?

During resurfacing, you cannot park on your street during hours when the city is hard at work. You can park on your driveway at this time. You are not able to drive on your street during paving and for 2 hours following completion.

During curb, gutter and apron replacement, you cannot drive or park on these areas for 7 days following completion. You can park on your street directly in front of your house.

Many of you have “no parking” signs on your streets. Here’s the rule: Don’t park on your street while construction is underway OR leave your car on the street when you are not home and available to move it. You are ok to park on your street during night time hours (7pm-7am). If you are parked on the street and access is needed, workers will knock on your door and ask that you move your vehicle.

If you have any questions that this did not answer, feel free to contact the project lead, Stewart Mael at